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Robot Lawn Mower 700m2

Robot Lawn Mower 700m2

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  • 3-Year Warranty Upon Registration
  • NZ Owned and Operated
  • Free Fast Shipping
The Worx Landroid is built for New Zealand lawns with its rain sensor, cut-to-edge, multi-area management and efficient cutting system.

Cuts up to 700m2


  • Floating Blade Disk
  • Waterproof Housing
  • Control knob for operating the digital LCD Display (not featured on other models)
  • Rain sensor 
  • Smart Auto scheduling 
  • Intelligent navigation
  • Mows hills and slopes 
  • Cut to edge 
  • Side Charge
  • Multi-Zone programming 
  • Anti Theft - Pin security and App Control
  • Offset 3-blade cutting/mulching system 
  • Accessory slot: customise with the  latest accessories

What's In the Box?

  • WORX Landroid M700
  • 2 x Wire repair connectors 
  • 2 x spare blade kits
  • 20V 4.0Ah Power Share battery 
  • Allen key
  • Charging station (with screws)
  • Charger
  • 210 pegs
  • 150m Boundary wire 
  • Boundary wire distance gauges
  • Bertelsen ruler


  • 3-Year Warranty upon registration
  • Built for New Zealand Lawns
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Built for New Zealand Lawns

Worx Landroid is a reliable, high-performance model. Suited for all lawn sizes and types, it comes with exclusive features and the ability to upgrade the mower with accessories later on.

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ACS Robot Lawnmower Worx Landroid

Floating Blade Disk

The WR149E Worx Landroid features a self-levelling cutting deck that automatically adjusts the blade’s height to match the natural unevenness found in most lawns, protecting both your lawn and the cutting blades.

Waterproof Housing

Fully waterproof housings and underside so the Landroid can be cleaned by hosing down both on top of and under the deck

Multi- Zone

Set up a maximum of 4 zones within your garden. (Zones must be connected) *call us if they aren't. Adjust the working time in your zones to allocate more mowing time to larger areas.

AIA intelligent navigation allows the Landroid to evenly mow complex lawns and reach any zone going through narrow corridors (60-70cm minimum width).

App Connectivity

Enjoy the convenience of complete command from your smartphone with the Landroid app.

  • Set your Landroid on an edging routine
  • Send back to home (Charging base)
  • Select Multi-Zone %
  • Set Mowing Schedules
  • Notifies issues within the Landroid app.

Firmware Over the Air

Upgrade your Landroid with Firmware Over the Air (OTA).

Keep auto-update enabled and you won't have to push a button to keep updated.

Rain Sensor

When rain is detected the robot goes back to the charging base. It is set to a 180-minute default.

Disable this within the app

Cut to Edge - Offset Blade

Cut to Edge consists of an off-centred Blade Turning Disc designed to provide a clean cut with the narrowest distance to the boundary or wall.

Landroid is pre-programmed to mow the grass along the perimeter of your lawn twice a week. (Settings can be changed within the app)

Anti - Theft

  • Landroid emits an alarm if it is picked up and/or taken out of the perimeter of your lawn. It will only stop beeping if returned within the perimeter and places on the ground

  • Landroid features a security pin that keeps the Worx Landroid locked and prevents others from being able to access it (Landroid is shipped with a default security pin that should be changed before first use)

  • Landroid will stop operating once outside your Wi-Fi network coverage for three consecutive days.

-If Find My Landroid is installed, it will use the geofence as the perimeter limit.


Landroid's cutting disc turns in both directions to take advantage of dual-sided cutting blades.

Interested in a Lawn Assessment?

Brushless Motor Lasts Longer

Quieter than a whisper with 60db you'll be mowing your lawn at 7 am on a Saturday with no complaints

  • Runs 50% longer
  • Offers 25% more power
  • 10% Longer life span

Compared to models with brushed motors

  • 500m2 Robot Mower
  • $1,999
  • 45m2 Per Hour | 500m2
  • 2Ah Battery | 1.5Ah Charger
  • LED Display
  • 1 Hour Run Time
  • 30-70mm Cutting Height
    18cm Cutting Width
  • 130m Wire
    180 Pegs
  • 20 Degree Slope
  • 1000m2 Robot Mower
  • $2,799
  • 45m2 Per Hour | 1000m2
  • 4Ah Battery | 3Ah Charger
  • LCD Display
  • 2 Hour Run Time
  • 30-70mm Cutting Height
    18cm Cutting Width
  • 180m Wire
    250 Pegs
  • 20 Degree Slope
  • 1500m2 Robot Mower
  • $2,999
  • 85m2 Per Hour | 1500m2
  • 4Ah Battery | 3Ah Charger
  • LCD Display
  • 2 Hour Run Time
  • 30-90mm Cutting Height
      22cm Cutting Width
  • 200m Wire
    270 Pegs
  • 20 Degree Slope

Complex lawn set-up?

The installation process for Worx Landroid robot lawn mowers is straightforward and is explained step by step in the quick start guide and the manual found in the box. The guide explains setting the charging base, laying the boundary wire around your yard and around obstacles, everything you need to know to get started with your robot mower.

Save thousands of dollars on installation and learn how to troubleshoot common issues yourself (Don't pay large call out or installation fees)

Robot lawn mower handles sloping lawns

We conducted thorough testing of our Worx Robot Lawn Mower's maximum slope capabilities. Worx is rated to tackle slopes up to 20 degrees.

If your lawn features significant hills or slopes or you are located in cold conditions, the mower may experience a quicker battery drain.

Why is Worx the best robot lawn mower?

Worx is a trusted brand built for New Zealand lawn conditions.

Worx comes packed with features to achieve a beautiful-looking lawn with ease, without the large installation, repair and call-out fees associated with owning a robot lawn mower.

Worx robot mowers leave your lawn looking better than the neighbour's, it fertilises your lawn by leaving behind nutrient-rich clippings.

Does your lawn contain a variety of grasses?

Worx Landroid is designed to provide exceptional results, don't believe it?

Check out the tests we put our smallest mower the M500 through.

Worx Robot Lawn Mower

Where can I get support?

If you purchase our robot mowers and encounter any installation issues, have inquiries or require support, you can easily reach out to us.

We are locally based and able to provide support anywhere in New Zealand. Our aim is to promptly address your concerns and keep costs low for you.

No week-long delays, no call-out fees. Great support

Upgrade Your Mower

Should your requirements evolve, whether it involves adding new features to your lawn or relocating to a different property, Worx Landroid offers the flexibility to be upgraded to accommodate these changes.

Don't settle and purchase a mower that isn't adaptable - or you might find yourself buying multiple

  • Worx ACS Robot Lawnmower

    The Anti-Collision system helps Landroid to see and veer around obstacles instead of bumping into them. It senses obstacles that are 5 inches high and within 8 inches directly in front of the Landroid

  • Worx Off Limits Digital Fence

    Off Limits digital fencing eliminates the need for directing main boundary wire around certain obstacles or areas that you want Landroid to avoid.

  • Worx Robot lawnmower garage

    Protect your Landroid from weather like extreme heat and heavy rain - New Zealand weather conditions. While the Landroid is designed to live outside, the garage is an extra level of protection. 

  • Worx Radio Link

    Radio link is a WiFi extender that helps your router to reach further into your yard, keeping Landroid always connected.

Efficient & Autonomous - Navigates with Ease

WORX Landroid outperforms other robotic mowers in terms of speed, intelligence and agility. Its patented Artificial Intelligence Algorithm (AIA) cutting technology ensures it navigates through narrow paths with ease.

Powered by a vast network of connected electric mowers, the Landroid continuously learns and adapts to the unique size and shape of your lawn, ensuring precise and efficient cuts every time. Landroid stays up to date with the latest software updates, so you can always rely on cutting-edge performance. 

Worx 1000m2 robot lawnmower

Shipped from New Zealand

We are a local business from Auckland, offering Free 2-4 day shipping throughout New Zealand.

Please note that rural deliveries in New Zealand may take an extra day to arrive.

We can be contacted during NZ business hours at

robot lawn mower app

Smart App Control Anywhere

With the Worx App, lawn care has never been easier. You can customise mowing tasks, and track real-time mowing status anywhere, anytime.

Landroid learns from you

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