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Robot Lawn Mower

Landroid Garage WA0810

Landroid Garage WA0810

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Raise the roof of this Robotic Lawn Mower Lift-Top Garage. You can check your Landroid's controls while it charges by flipping the lid. Protect your Worx Landroid from extreme New Zealand weather conditions like extreme heat and heavy rain.

While the Landroid is designed to live outside, the garage is an extra level of protection and keeps your Worx Landroid in peak performing condition and extends its lifecycle. 

  • Easy assemble, screws onto the charing base
  • Flip cover, access the machine panel easily
  • Extends Landroids mowing time by keeping the battery cooler.
  • Made to fit all Landroid models.
  • Landroid returns automatically to the garage when it is done mowing.
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Why is a Robot Lawn Mower Garage Essential?

New Zealand has very challenging and constantly changing environmental conditions.

Protect your robot lawn mower investment with the Worx Landroid garage from extreme heat and rain.

Give Landroid a home

Protect your investment by giving Landroid an extra layer of proection against harsh New Zealand elements

Robot Landroid Garage

Why Landroid Garage

Worx Landroid's are weatherproof, the garage gives an added layer of protection against harsh wind, rain, and sunlight, protecting the life of the Landroid and battery

Worx 20V Interchangeable battery

Why is direct sunlight bad for battery health?

Charging the Landroid robot lawn mower in the sun can cause the battery to become overheated. The robot lawn mower will turn off and stop charging to protect the battery

To protect your robot lawn mower battery from overheating and becoming damaged, invest in a Worx Landroid garage.