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Robot Lawn Mower

Landroid Off Limits Digital Fencing

Landroid Off Limits Digital Fencing

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Magnetic strip creates no-mow zones without using the main boundary wire.

Create specific areas you want your Landroid to avoid. Perfect for seasonal, non-permanent objects like trampolines, lawn furniture, and fire pits

Easy to install, place the off limits sensor on board your Landroid and lay magnetic strip around areas you do not want your Landroid to enter

What's Included?

- Off Limits Digital Fence

-20M Digital Strip


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How large of an area can be excluded with the Off Limits accessory?

The Of Limits accessory uses a magnetic strip to electronically exclude the Landroid from areas you don’t want it to enter. The OFF Limits accessory comes with 20M of magnetic strip to use around no-mow areas.

How is Off Limits different from excluding areas with boundary wire?

Creating an island with your boundary wire is an effective way to exclude permanent no-mow areas such as, flower beds, trees, pools, ponds, etc…

Off Limits is a great accessory for new or seasonal additions to your lawn such as lawn furniture, planters, trampolines, fire pits, etc.

How do I install Off Limits?

  1. Check your Off Limits manual for the location of port on the underside of Landroid.
  2. Remove the two screws and cover and install Off Limits module.
  3. Replace cover and screws.
  4. Install magnetic strip around the area you would like to exclude.

Installing magnetic strip is very similar to installing boundary wire. Use included pegs to secure magnetic strip as flush with the ground as possible.

The magnetic strip cannot be buried.