How Much Does A Robot Lawn Mower Cost?

How Much Does A Robot Lawn Mower Cost?

The cost of a robot mower varies significantly depending on several factors including the brand, model, features and capabilities. Typically mowers can vary from $1,500 to - $20,000. The cost of owning a robot mower should also encompass the ongoing costs and cost of maintenance. 

In this article we will discuss:

What is the upfront cost of a mower:

Worx Landroid Price Check

When it comes to choosing a robotic mower, it’s important to assess what the upfront costs are going to be. The upfront costs of owning a robotic mower include the initial cost of the mower and the cost of installation. 

The initial cost of a robot mower can vary significantly in price but it tends to range from $1,500 to $20,000 NZD. The cost of installation can also vary. Worx Robot lawn mowers cost between $2,000 - $3,000 and come with everything needed to set them up and get running. 

The cost of installation can vary significantly due to whether the mower comes with the installation kit or whether it requires professional installation. Professional installers can charge a set fee, by the hour or a combination or by the hour + materials they use (total metre length of boundary wire used). Some properties require additional wire, might have complicated features or need some areas to be wired out. 

There are some robot mowers on the market designed for self installation however, these do not include the installation kit so it’s important when assessing your options you check this is included when comparing price. All Worx landroid robot mowers come with everything required to set up the robot mower. 

Mowers that require installation are going to cost significantly more than mowers that do not require professional installation. Worx robot mowers do not require professional installation, these mowers are an easy to use DIY option that delivers exceptional and consistent results without a large price. 

What is the ongoing cost of a robot mower

The ongoing cost of a mower is the cost to maintain your robot mower. Items that make up this cost can be: 

  • Batteries
  • Servicing 
  • Electricity
  • Blades 
  • Wire
  • Maintenance call outs
  • Mowers that have been professionally installed


Batteries require replacing every 4-6 years as they tend to wear out and not retain the charge as effectively, this is a normal cost and should be considered when purchasing a robot mower. However, you need to consider what the cost of a replacement battery is and what the cost of changing this is going to be. Some robot mowers have a battery that is encased within the mower and if you replace this yourself it will void the warranty. These mowers with an encased battery can also be challenging to replace by yourself.

Some robot mowers also do not advertise what their batteries cost, you might be shocked to find some RPR for $600+ and servicing on top. Most robot mower companies do not cover their batteries after one year on the warranty.

Some robot mowers on the market have it hidden in their terms and conditions. In order to maintain the warranty you must get it serviced every 6 months/1 year/2 years depending on the mower. The cost of getting it to your nearest service dealer falls on you. If you do not get the mower serviced, the warranty becomes void. These robot mower companies also charge servicing on top in order to perform the warranty maintenance checks which you must also pay for in order to maintain the warranty. 

The Worx landroid batteries are all 20V interchangeable and vary in price between $150-$300 depending on the AH that you buy. Worx mowers do not require servicing in order to change the battery, you simply lift the hatch and the battery can be clicked out and replaced. This saves the cost on an expensive and hard to source battery (Worx power tools use the same 20V battery, they are easy to find), servicing and shipping to your nearest service dealer. 

Worx Landroid Battery

The benefit of Worx mowers is we are affiliated with dealers throughout the country so if you need servicing, you can get in contact and we will put you in touch with someone closest to you. It also means if you relocate and move, we aren’t leaving you high and dry. That can be the problem with obscure brands, if you don’t have a service dealer near you, it can take an extremely long time and cost a lot of money to get regular maintenance or servicing carried out. 


Servicing, this is a crucial cost that you want to consider as this can quickly become out of hand. Like mentioned, some robot mower brands on the market have it in their small print. The mower must be serviced by an approved specialist every 6 months/ 1 year/2 years in order to maintain the warranty. If you do not have a dedicated service dealer near you, this is going to become extremely costly. 

For example, if you purchase a mower from someone in Auckland and you are located in Invercargill, it’s likely you will need to ship it back to Auckland to have it serviced. Robot mowers are large and classed as dangerous goods due to the battery, this increases the price of shipping as the battery cant be taken out for shipping. Inter-island shipping between the north and south island can become very expensive, all adding to the cost of owning a robot lawn mower.

To combat this, at robot lawn mower we do not sell any robotic mower that requires you to ship it to a service dealer for annual or two yearly check ups and maintenance as this is a huge cost and takes a lot of time. We have access to a range of service dealers nationwide which means when you require repairs or maintenance you can see someone convenient and close to you. 

Stocked Parts

It’s important to know that the parts are stocked in New Zealand and they are a reasonable price, if this is not the case, it is going to become extremely expensive and take a long time for repairs to take place. If you buy an obscure brand mower, that isn’t well connected with service dealers or backed by a large company, it can be costly to repair and take a long time both waiting on parts and the specialist in NZ to get to fixing your machine. 

An example of this is Ambrogio, if there are parts stocked in Australia it will only take a couple of days for the repair parts to come in however, if the australian partners do not have the parts, these must be sourced from italy which is expensive to ship and takes a long time. 

The benefit of Worx robot mowers is they are a well known and trusted brand all over the world, we have parts readily in stock and access to a range of service dealers throughout the country. 


This is going to be the lowest cost of maintaining a robot mower, they are estimated to use around $2-3 power per month. They are energy efficient and do not emit emissions. 


Robot mowers require blade replacement over time to maintain optimal cutting performance. If the blades start to become dull they can tear the grass rather than cut it evenly. 

Worx features two sided blades with dual cutting features, expanding the life of your blades and also allowing for grass to be cut from different angles. Traditional mowers flatten the grass while mowing , blocking the sunlight up to 50% affecting grass growth. With the Worx Landroid it can mow your lawn without flattening it, providing a healthier and more luscious lawn. 


If the wire is installed correctly there is often nothing required for maintenance here. If the wire is not installed correctly it can lead to replacement wire required or wire connectors. 

The common issues that occur with installation is: 

  • Not reading the instructions 
  • Leaving too much slack in the wire so when the robot mower hits the boundary, the wheel can pick it up and the mower cuts the wire 
  • Putting too much tension on the wire when installing so when the wire settles into the ground it breaks or causes cracks in the insulation
  • Creating sharp corners that damage the wire 

The benefit of the Worx mowers is the wire is affordable and can be easily replaced, it also allows you to move properties and set up the mower at your new property easily. Depending on how long the wire has been laid on the ground it can be easily pulled up or new wire can be purchased. 

Maintenance call outs

If you had your mower professionally installed, it is likely that if anything goes wrong you will need a technician to come out to your property and perform repairs and maintenance. It’s important to ensure you know what is covered in the warranty and what isn’t as call out fees, travel, parts and time can add to the cost significantly.

What if I need to upgrade the mower? 

This is the problem individuals face when it comes to technology, we have seen the likes with apple, every year there is a new model coming out. The technology is rapidly evolving and some robot mowers do not allow for the functionality to upgrade the mower, instead you must purchase the latest model which benefits these companies. 

As technology evolves we are expecting to see more mowers come to the market, some brands are releasing mowers that aren’t quite perfect with the hope that once the better model comes out they can convince you to upgrade with the additional features, increasing their bottom line. 

Worx on the other hand is different, they have upgradeable accessories which can provide additional functionality to the mower. You do not need to buy the latest and greatest mower to get the best functionality and features from your robot mower. 

Worx Landroid Accessories

ACS: anti collision system which uses ultrasonic detection to avoid obstacles.

Off Limits fence: A magnetic strip that can be laid around obstacles, easily picked up and moved. It can evolve as your garden evolves and does not require you to boundary wire out obstacles or constantly re-mapping the lawn.

Wifi Extender: Boost the signal of the wifi so you can stay connected with your robot mower and instruct it through the app even if it’s at the bottom of the garden. 

Worx robot mowers come with a range of upgradeable accessories so if you want to upgrade your mower or change your lawn, you can with worx. 

Can you compare the cost with a traditional mower?

It’s difficult to compare the cost of a traditional mower as you have to take into account the petrol, the mower, the time you spend mowing your lawn, or the cost of a contractor if you decide to pay someone else to do this for you. 

What are the cleaning do and don’t to owning a robot mower? 

The blades can begin to build up grass clippings, this can be caused by wet conditions. To clean the mower you want to use a soft bristled brush and use this to brush the underside of the mower. Do not use a hose or high pressure washer to clean the underside of the mower, water can be pushed into the compartments that control the mower and cause irreversible damage. 

Do not use harsh chemicals, instead use a bristled brush and the cleaning solution from the Worx Landroid cleaning kit to clean the underside of your robot mower. Be careful cleaning under the mower as the blades can be extremely sharp if they are new. 

Can I add my robot mower to my insurance? 

Yes you can add your robot mower to your contents insurance, this is recommended as we have had a few customers in the past accidentally run over their robot mower. It provides an extra layer of safety for mishaps and replacements caused by accidents which aren’t covered under the warranty. 

What happens if my robot mower breaks? 

Great news, we have dedicated service dealers throughout New Zealand, reach out to us and let us know your location, what mower type you have and what the issue seems to be. We will get back to you within the same day on where to take your mower for assessment. We will look into where the most convenient location to you is. The reason we ask for the current location is you may have since moved house since initially purchasing and we want to make the process as seamless and easy for you as possible. 

If it breaks we won’t require you to ship it to us, this adds to the cost of repairing the mower and we want to keep it as affordable as possible. Once it has been taken to the dedicated service dealer they will assess the mower to see whether the damage falls under warranty. Things like water damage, running over the mower and misuse (not limited to these conditions) won’t be covered under warranty however, the service dealer will determine this and then quote you on a price for repairing your mower. If it comes under warranty then the service dealer will let you know and give you a timeframe on when they should expect your mower to be fixed. 

What happens if I need new blades? 

Worx blades are designed to last longer as they are dual cutting edges and rotate to extend the life of the cutting blade. When your blades begin to wear down, you will notice they don’t cut the grass as nicely and this is a clear indication to replace them. 

You want to purchase worx official blades as the cheaper blades on the market can break and it can become a hazard to find broken blades in the grass. 

Are robotic lawn mowers worth it? 

Yes robot lawn mowers are worth it, they are timesaving, effortless operation, allow for independence for elderly or individuals with a disability. Worx mowers are affordable, cost effective in the long run and provide a superior result. 

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