New Zealand's Robotic Lawn Mower Specialist

At Robot Lawn Mower, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality robotic lawn mowers specifically designed for New Zealand lawns.

Our expertise lies in providing autonomous robot lawnmowers that excel in efficiency, reliability, and user-friendliness, offering you a precise and effortless mowing experience like never before.

How Does a Robot Lawn Mower Work?

A robot lawn mowers works by automating the manual task of cutting grass. Robot lawn mowers operate in a designated area set by a boundary wire.

Robot lawn mowers are powered by rechargeable batteries compared to petrol mowers, they can be remotely controlled through an easy to use APP.

Achieve a better looking lawn with the help of a robot lawn mower

Is setting up a Robot Mower complex?

Installing a robot lawn mower has never been easier, setting up a robot lawn mower is not complex. Simplified instructions make set-up a breeze.

Not convinced? Check out how simple it is from the video.

robot lawn mower app

Connect App for Robot Lawn Mower control

Enjoy full control of your Worx Robot Lawn Mower from your smartphone via an app.

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What should I look for in a Robot Lawn Mower?

When comparing Robot Lawn Mowers, focus on quality, battery size, lawn size (m2 coverage) and durability.

It's essential to ensure that a Robot Lawn Mower is specifically designed for New Zealand conditions (Robot Lawn Mower exclusively stocks mowers tailored to NZ conditions). Unlike brands built for European or American climates, which are vastly different to the changing conditions found in New Zealand.

Opting for a mower not suited for NZ conditions can lead to a compromised experience, frequent maintenance and unnecessary expenses.

While a higher price tag might suggest superior performance, the market often presents two extremes: feature-packed mowers at a premium or stripped-down options at a more reasonable cost.

At Robot Lawn Mower, you have the flexibility to enhance your mower with additional accessories, paying only for the features you need, and avoiding the need for a completely new mower replacement when your needs evolve.

Can robot mowers mow hills?

Yes, robot mowers can mow hills. Worx Landroid are rated for a generous 20-degree slope.

We tested it to its maximum capacity + more so you can see for yourself how well it performs.

Robot Mower Vs Pets

Robot Mower vs Pets?

Our commitment to your satisfaction is evident in our rigorous testing. We subject our robotic mowers to challenges and questionable scenarios, eliminating guesswork by replicating real-world conditions.

We value your input and encourage requests. By doing so, we can ensure you're satisfied and the robot mower meets your needs and expectations.

We push the limits so you don't have to!

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Worth It?

Yes, robot lawnmowers are worth It. Robotic mowers are equipped with a range of exceptional features that set them apart from traditional petrol mowers, making them the choice for New Zealand lawns

9 reasons why robot lawn mowers are worth buying:

  1. Quiet - Operating at a decibel of 60-70 dB.
  2. Advanced Navigation - Robot lawnmowers can effortlessly get to head-to-reach areas and narrow spaces.
  3. Eco-Friendly - Energy efficient and reduced emissions. Robot lawn mowers eliminate the need for chemicals and water through mulching acting as a natural fertiliser.
  4. Battery Share - Interchange the 20V battery among Worx power tools (No opening up the robot mower)
  5. Smart & User-Friendly - No programming required. Controlled remotely by smartphone.
  6. Works In The Rain - Rain sensors signal robot lawn mowers to return to the charging station to avoid short-circuiting and muddy lawns.
  7. Mows Uneven Lawns - Robot mowers are made for New Zealand lawn conditions as they can handle slopes and inclines.
  8. Safe - Life and bump sensors are installed to enhance their safety.
  9. Autonomous & Efficient - Start mowing at the press of a button.

Do you have a difficult lawn, our robot mowers will handle it

We subjected our robot lawn mower to grasses and shrubs to show varying types of lawns. We pushed the robot lawnmower beyond intended capabilities to evaluate its performance

ACS installation on worx

Can I Install a Robot Lawn Mower Myself?

Yes, you can install a robot lawn mower yourself and they are incredibly simple to do so.

Enjoy ongoing cost savings and convenience with these robot mowers. Effortless self-installation slashes call-out and maintenance fees. Simply lay and secure the boundary wire for a perfect fit to New Zealand lawns.

With the added bonus of easy customisation and future upgrades.

Buy a robot lawn mower that can adapt to your changing needs

Worx Robotic Lawnmower mowing

How Much Power do Robot Lawn Mowers Consume?

Robot mowers consume electricity as power which is around $2 power per month. The cost is significantly less than petrol-powered mowers.

Robot Mowers cut grass frequently, so the required effort to maintain the lawn is lower compared to petrol-powered mowers.

Who should use a robot lawn mower?

Everyone should use a robot lawn mower.

Elderly individuals or people who struggle to perform manual labour will find a robotic lawn mower beneficial. Busy individuals would benefit from knowing their lawn maintenance has been taken care of.

One main benefit over other robotic mowers is the ability to schedule the mower so you can set and forget, even wake up to freshly mowed lawns, controlled through an app.

Robot Lawn Mower can be relied on to consistently provide superior results. Don't spend your sunny weekend days pushing a mower around.

Worx 1000m2 robot lawnmower

Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work on Hills?

Yes, Robot lawnmowers work on hills and have impressive slope mowing.

Designed to tackle uneven terrain they can operate at a slope of 35% or 20 Degrees.

Worx Robot lawnmower Navigating ACS

Are Robotic Mowers Expensive?

No, robotic mowers aren't expensive.

They can vary in price depending on the features however, a robotic mower tends to pay itself off through eliminating ongoing expenses tied to petrol mowers and ongoing maintenance costs.

At Robot Lawn Mower, you have the flexibility to enhance your mower with additional accessories, paying only for the features you need.

Allowing the ability to upgrade later on.

Robotic mowers save time and effort which translates into significant cost savings.

Robot Lawnmower ACS Worx

How do Robot Mowers navigate?

Robot Mowers use sensors and the surrounding guide wire to navigate and perform their mowing task.

Navigation is the autonomous ability to determine and follow a desired course or outcome while avoiding obstacles and covering the entire mowing area.

Under robot lawnmower

Do I need to dispose of lawn clippings from my Robot Lawn Mower?

No, you don't need to dispose of lawn clippings from your robot mower.

Through the frequent cutting, the clippings are small enough to act as a natural fertiliser for the lawn through the mulching effect.

Worx 20V Interchangeable battery

Can Robotic Lawn Mowers Recharge themselves?

Yes, robotic mowers can recharge their batteries autonomously.

The robotic mower autonomously navigates back to the charging station when it senses the battery is running low.

Once recharged the robot mower resumes its mowing task or remains in its docking station until its next scheduled mowing session.

No need to manually charge the battery

Robot lawnmower New Zealand

Shipped from New Zealand

We are a local business from Auckland, New Zealand offering FREE 2-4 day shipping throughout NZ on all robotic mowers.

Please note that rural deliveries in New Zealand may take an extra day to arrive.

Forget the long waits and questionable customer support from overseas brands.

We can be contacted during NZ business hours (and weekends) at

Robot mower vs Petrol

Why Robot Lawn Mower?

At Robot Lawn Mower, we are New Zealand owned Robotic Lawn Mower Specialists

We understand the challenge of determining which mower suits the unique conditions of New Zealand lawns and delivers excellent results

We meticulously select and provide only the finest robotic mowers, designed to surpass your expectations and deliver exceptional performance in New Zealand's varied conditions.

Robot Lawn Mower stands out as the clear choice due to our commitment to quality and durability, ensuring a long-lasting solution for your lawn care needs in New Zealand.

Your satisfaction is our top priority, so if you're Done with the Mud call us to find out more.

Hear What Customers Have To Say

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    "I moved over to Worx rather than Husqvarna"

    "Less expensive, easier battery maintenance, better-cutting height"

    @Workshop addict

  • Worx robot lawn mower


    "I love the Landroid, it's saved me hours and hours this summer. My yard is the best it's looked and I haven't had to put any fertiliser on it"

    @Hanging out with Mike

  • ★★★★★

    "I've had it installed 3 months, I haven't touched my backyard at all, it cuts clean"


  • robot lawn mower worx landroid


    "The lawn looks great, the hardest thing is getting the boundary wires installed and adjusted for your lawn, one that's done"


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