Robot Lawn Mower Accessories

Everything you need for your Landroid. Additional accessories that will upgrade your mower with additional features without requiring buying a new mower. Looking after your lawn has never been easier.

Upgrade your mower when requirements change

Worx Landroid robot mowers offer a remarkable advantage in their ability to be upgraded with a wide range of accessories, saving homeowners by elimintating the need to settle of purchase a new robot lawn mower when needs change.

These robot mowers come equipped with a versatile platform that allows for easy integration of add-ons, such as off-limits digital fence (no rewiring out obstacles), Anti-Collision system, and larger interchangeable batteries.

This enhances the Landroid's functionality and extends its lifespan, keeping it relevant and efficient in an ever-changing environment.

By investing in accessories rather than a new robot mower, users can reduce their long-term maintenance and replacement costs while ensuring their lawns remain impeccably manicured.

Worx delivers cutting-edge lawn care solutions that adapt to the evolving needs of its users.

Worx Robot Lawn Mower

How does robot lawn mower differ from other brands?

Robot lawnmowers tend to be "all or nothing" when it comes to features.

The benefit of Worx robot lawn mowers is their ability to upgrade and customise as your need change.

If requirements change, you won't be stuck buying a new robot lawn mower

Only pay for the features your lawn requires

ACS Robot Lawnmower Worx Landroid

Give your robot lawn mower vision

Daily bumps damage your trees, plants and outdoor furniture.

Give your robot lawn mower the gift of sight with an Anti Collision system that uses ultrasonic sensors to detect and avoid obstacles


How do the accessories work?

The Landroid accessories are add-ons that allow you to customize your Landroid to the unique needs of your lawn.

Do I need to purchase the Landroid Garage since my Landroid is outside all the time?

The Landroid garage is an accessory that protects Landroid from weather such as extreme heat and heavy rain. Although, Landroid is meant to live outside, we recommend purchasing the garage as an extra layer of protection for your investment.

How large of an area can be excluded with the Off Limits accessory?

The Off Limits accessory uses a magnetic strip to electronically exclude the Landroid from areas you don’t want it to enter. The Off Limits accessory comes with 20 Meters of magnetic strip to use around no mow areas.

How is Off Limits different from excluding areas with boundary wire?

Creating an island with your boundary wire is an effective way to exclude permanent no mow areas such as, flower beds, trees, pools, ponds, etc… Off Limits is a great accessory for new or seasonal additions to your lawn such as lawn furniture, planters, trampolines, fire pits, etc….

Off limits uses a magnetic strip which does not need to be connected to the boundary wire making it really easy to install

What is the benefit of Anti-collision accessory?

Typically, Landroid will bump into an obstacle and turn around. This accessory allows Landroid to veer around obstacles. The Anti-Collision System (ACS) accessory helps your Landroid sense obstacles via ultrasonic detection and navigate around them instead of running over or bumping into them. Smaller obstacles like dog toys or sticks will get run over by Landroid and could get caught in the cutting disc.

How do I install anti-collision accessory?

To install this accessory, you will first remove the cap there is a cap on the cables inside the mower which will need to be removed. Once this cap is removed attached the cables from the acs accessory to the appropriate cables on the mower. Use the hex screws provided to secure the ACS onto the Landroid. Be sure to check your settings from your Landroid and enable ACS.

What is the detection range of the ACS accessory?

ACS will detect objects that are taller than 20cm and thicker than 20mm.

When does an ACS not work?

- Landroid is running back to the charging base on the boundary wire

- Landroid meets the boundary wire and bounces back, ACS is deactivated for 5 seconds

- It rains (as large drops might be recognized as obstacles)

- There’s heavy dew in the morning

- The robot is raised

- The sensors are dirty (please remember to clean them regularly).

Also, please be aware that ACS is not compatible with ultrasonic devices like pet repellers – they emit ultrasounds that interfere with the sensors.

  • Worx Radio Link

    Radio Link - Wifi Extender

    Essential for large yards, connect to your robot mower through wifi

  • Worx Off Limits Digital Fence

    Off Limits Digital Fence

    Create an area to avoid such as sculptures, small plants and tree roots

  • Worx Robot lawnmower garage

    Landroid Garage

    Protect your robot mower from all weather conditions such as storms and harsh sunlight

    Protecting the battery from overheating while it charges

  • Worx ACS Robot Lawnmower


    Anti-collision system, uses ultrasonic detection to navigate around obstacles protecting your lawn and mower