Are Robot Lawn Mowers Worth It?

Are Robot Lawn Mowers Worth It?

Yes, robot lawn mowers are worth it, they are worth the investment and offer numerous benefits. Robot mowers give independence, improve the appearance and health of the lawn and save you money and time.

A robot lawn mower is an autonomous robot used to cut lawn grass. A robot mower operates autonomously by either a boundary wire or by satellites and sensors that it uses to navigate its way around the lawn. The boundary wire robot mower requires the user to set up a border wire around the lawn that defines the area to be mowed. The robot mower uses this wire to locate the boundary area to be trimmed and locate the charging dock. Robot lawn mowers make looking after your lawn simple and easy, they remove the time intensive and manual task of mowing, they make your lawn look better and healthier through self fertilisation and are maintained at a constant height year round.

In this article we will discuss:

  • Why are robot mowers beneficial 
  • What is the cost of owning a robot lawn mower
  • What is the cost of not owning a robot lawn mower
  • Are robot lawn mowers better for your lawn
  • Where can you get the best deal for a robot mower
  • Can robot mowers do edges
  • Do robot mowers cut well
  • Can robot mowers work in the rain
  • Do robot mowers use a lot of electricity

Why are robot mowers beneficial?

Owning a robot mower is beneficial, it is a time saver, improves the look of the lawn and helps keep the cost of maintenance down along with manual time spent down. 

Robot lawn mowers offer numerous benefits for elderly individuals and people with disabilities, making them a valuable investment for those who may face challenges in maintaining their lawn manually and would like to retain their independence and sense of autonomy for their overall well-being. 

Traditional mowers can be heavy, difficult to manoeuvre, and require significant physical exertion. For some individuals, operating such machinery can be nearly impossible and dangerous. Robot mowers are lightweight, compact, and operate with simple controls, they reduce the physical pushing, pulling and lifting heavy equipment, making them easy to use for people of all ages and abilities. Robot mowers also do not require you to rake and collect the clippings, the clippings are small from the regular cutting, this fertilises the lawn.  

Individuals with limited or reduced mobility can initiate and control the robot mower effortlessly through an app, this allows them full control of when they would like the mower to mow and the frequency of mowing.  The easy to use app also allows for scheduled mowing times and edging routines.  Robot mowers empower the user to take control of and maintain their outdoor space without relying on external assistance such as family or lawn mowing contractors. They can enjoy a greater independence and sense of accomplishment in keeping their surroundings neat and tidy. 

Robot mowers save considerable time and effort for individuals who have limited energy. With automated lawn care, focus can be placed on other activities that bring enjoyment and enjoyment to their outdoor space without labour intensive tasks to maintain it. 

Safety is a concern for individuals who may have mobility issues or diminishing strength. Traditional mowers pose a risk of accidents such as cuts, strains, or falls. Robot mowers eliminate these risks by operating quietly and autonomously, without the need for human intervention. They are equipped with bump sensors and you can opt for additional accessories that use ultrasonic detection to avoid obstacles. This provides users with peace of mind, knowing their lawn is being maintained without putting themselves or others in harm's way. 

Robot mowers are beneficial to the environment and pocket. They are estimated to use around $2-3 power per month and aren’t emitting fumes from fuel. Robot mowers are an added bonus if you suffer from hay-fever. You won’t be walking the pollen into your house after mowing from your clothes or shoes. 

Robot mowers improve the appearance of your lawn and improve lawn health through regular cutting and self fertilisation. Robot mowers operate consistently, this results in the grass being maintained at a consistent height year round and never getting out of control. The grass clippings are small enough to be self fertilised contributing to the overall lawn health.

What is the cost of owning a robot lawn mower?

Worx Landroid Price Check

The cost of owning a robot lawn mower is usually all upfront which can make the robot mower appear to be quite expensive however, the ongoing cost of petrol and time spent to maintain a lawn traditionally can soon outweigh the cost of a robot mower. 

Professional lawn mowing can also cost more over the period of a year versus the upfront cost of owning a robot mower. 

If you would like to read more about the cost of owning a robot lawn mower you might be interested in reading how much does a robot lawn mower cost. 

What is the cost of not owning a robot lawn mower?

The cost of not owning a robot mower is the trade off of what you would have otherwise spent doing with your time. 

Robot mowers are expensive, but it's even more costly to pay a contractor to come and mow your lawn once a fortnight. We sourced a few quotes for a medium sized flat lawn that does not require edging and we were quoted $150 a fortnight. Annually this comes to $3,900 at this price, you could get a new robot lawn mower every year!

The next question you want to ask yourself "What is your time worth?" There are 168 hours in a week.

  • The average kiwi spends 40 hours at work
  • 8 hours a night sleeping (hopefully)
  • A 2017 report by the New Zealand Herald stated on average kiwi's spend an estimated hour a day travelling
  • 10-15 hours a week are estimated to be spent on cooking and cleaning 
  • 4 hours per week exercising 

This leaves 48 hours, 2 days to spend with your kids, relaxing, unwinding and pursuing your interests and hobbies. 

Do you really want to spend those 2 days you have left out of the week mowing your lawn? Robot mowers can give you back your time. 

While there are mowers out there with all the bells and whistles, if you are looking for a solution that is reliable, doesn't cost an arm and a leg, has dedicated service dealers throughout New Zealand and comes with everything required for a DIY installation yourself, a Worx robot lawn mower is going to save you time, energy and money. 

Are robot lawn mowers better for your lawn?

Yes, robot lawn mowers are better for your lawn, they minimise the effort required, allow you to go away and come back to a freshly manicured lawn and overall are cost saving. 

Worx mowers come with everything you need to get started, they don’t require expensive maintenance or parts and perform a reliable job. 

Worx mowers features: 

  • Cut to edge, you won’t be required to go around with an edge trimmer
  • No missed patches with the multi-zone technology 
  • Only setup once, if you add a trampoline or water feature to your garden Worx has upgradeable accessories that means as your lawn adapts, you mower can too
  • Quiet enough to mow at night 
  • Anti Theft, Worx mowers sound an alarm when lifted and require a pin to start working once removed from the boundary wire or wifi signal for 3 consecutive days.
  • Cheaper than a gardener using only $2-3 power per month
  • Built to last with a 3 year warranty with product registration

Worx features two sided blades with dual cutting features, expanding the life of your blades and also allowing for grass to be cut from different angles. Traditional mowers flatten the grass while mowing , blocking the sunlight up to 50% affecting grass growth. With the Worx Landroid it can mow your lawn without flattening it, providing a healthier and more luscious lawn.

Where can you get the best deal for a robot mower?

The best place you can go for a deal is reach out to us with your requirements, what type of lawn you have, your needs, area along with anything else and we will sort you out with a deal that can’t be matched.

Can robot mowers do edges

The Worx Landroid can cut edges. It has a feature in the app which allows you to set an edging routine to ensure the edges are well maintained. Worx has AIA technology which allows it to enter and cut narrow spaces with precision.

Do robot mowers cut well

Robot lawn mowers offer a consistent and even cut. They don't flatten the lawn like traditional mowers which allows for more sunlight resulting in better growth. For a well manicured lawn, it's important to check whether the robot mower's blades are sharp as dull blades can tear the grass rather than cutting it evenly. 

Can robot mowers work in the rain

Robot lawn mowers can work in the rain, most robot lawn mowers have a built in rain sensor that signals them to head back to the charging station when it begins to rain in order to protect the lawn from being chewed up and protect the mower. While robot lawn mowers are weather resistant it’s not advised to let your robot lawn mower work in pouring conditions.

Do robot mowers use a lot of electricity

Robot lawn mowers are incredibly energy efficient using between $2-3 power per month. 

In conclusion, robot lawn mowers are worth it, they save you time, money and effort required to maintain a beautiful lawn. They provide independence and a solution to spending your weekends pushing around a heavy mower. 

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