Automatic Lawn Mowers NZ

Automatic robot lawn mowers are advanced machines specifically designed to operate autonomously cutting your lawn and maintaining grass height at a desired length.

Robot Mowers that do the edges

Minimise the need for manual trimming.

  • Off-centred blade turning disc designed to provide a clean cut with the narrowest distance to the boundary.
  • Protective cover that prevents objects from touching the turning blades.
  • Worx Landroid is pre-programmed to mow your edges twice per week. (Change the frequency within the app)

Multi-Zone Mowing - No missed patches

Set up from a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 4 different zones. Landroid is programmed with an algorithm so it mows in a random pattern, fully covering your yard and allowing it to navigate through tighter spaces than ordinary robot mowers.

How Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work?

Robotic Mowers utilise smart technology, sensors and remote control features to automate the chore of cutting grass. Robot Mowers use a perimeter wire to navigate to the edge of the lawn.

Robotic mowers are powered by clean rechargeable batteries

Interested in a bundle?

Robotic mowers deliver a greener better looking lawn in New Zealand

Robot Mowers deliver consistent and outstanding results for New Zealand lawns.

Brushless Motor Lasts Longer

Quieter than a whisper with 60db you'll be mowing your lawn at 7 am on a Saturday with no complaints

  • Runs 50% longer
  • Offers 25% more power
  • 10% Longer life span

Compared to models with brushed motors

  • 500m2 Robot Mower
  • $1,999
  • 45m2 Per Hour | 500m2
  • 2Ah Battery | 1.5Ah Charger
  • LED Display
  • 1 Hour Run Time
  • 30-70mm Cutting Height
    18cm Cutting Width
  • 130m Wire
    180 Pegs
  • 20 Degree Slope
  • 700m2 Robot Mower
  • $2,499
  • 45m2 Per Hour | 700m2
  • 4Ah Battery | 1.5Ah Charger
  • LCD Display
  • 2 Hour Run Time
  • 30-75mm Cutting Height
      18cm Cutting Width
  • 150m Wire
    210 Pegs
  • 20 Degree Slope
  • 1000m2 Robot Mower
  • $2,799
  • 45m2 Per Hour | 1000m2
  • 4Ah Battery | 3Ah Charger
  • LCD Display
  • 2 Hour Run Time
  • 30-70mm Cutting Height
    18cm Cutting Width
  • 180m Wire
    250 Pegs
  • 20 Degree Slope
  • 1500m2 Robot Mower
  • $2,999
  • 85m2 Per Hour | 1500m2
  • 4Ah Battery | 3Ah Charger
  • LCD Display
  • 2 Hour Run Time
  • 30-90mm Cutting Height
      22cm Cutting Width
  • 200m Wire
    270 Pegs
  • 20 Degree Slope

Frequently asked Robot Lawn Mower Questions

Are Robot Mowers Any Good?

Yes, robot lawnmowers are good, they save time, and cost and take the hassle out of lawn care.

How well your robot lawn mower will perform will be dependent on whether it is trusted and built to handle New Zealand conditions.

Worx is designed for New Zealand lawn types and the Kiwi "Can-Do!" attitude. Worx is designed for self installation.

What Is The Difference Between The M500, M100 and L1500?

The L1500 runs a larger gearbox and motor.

  • M500 can handle areas up-to 500M2.
  • M1000 can handle areas up-to 1000M2.
  • L1500 can handle areas up to 1500M2.

For the best cutting result, it's recommended you don’t exceed 70% of the robot’s maximum capacity.

If you have 700m2 of lawn, we recommend you choose a robot mower with a capacity of 1000m2

If you would like more information about the differences across the Worx Landroid, check out this blog

Do Robot Lawn Mowers Work On Slopes?

Yes, robot lawn mowers work on slopes. Worx Robotic Mowers can handle a slope of 35% or 20 degrees.

How Difficult Is It To Install The Landroid?

Manuals can be conveniently located on the product page under "Manuals". The Landroid comes with easy-to-understand and user friendly instructions.

Installation takes anywhere from 1.5 - 4 hours, depending on the size of your lawn and the number of obstacles.

The benefit of installing the Landroid yourself allows you to easily troubleshoot and avoid large repairs and maintenance costs associated with owning a robot lawn mower.

Other brands tend to incur significant costs for installation, maintenance and repairs.

How does a Robot Lawn Mower Mow the Entire Lawn?

Worx landroids cover the lawn through the random turning at the boundary wire

The Worx Landroid achieves comprehensive lawn coverage through its random mowing and boundary-following algorithm. It's worth noting that the robot mower does not possess a method to confirm that it has completed mowing the entire lawn. When configuring the mowing schedule, a typical approach is to set it to run for approximately 2 to 3 hours every other day. Adjustments can be made depending on the lawn's size and the perceived coverage. Increasing the mowing time or frequency might be necessary if certain areas seem untouched, while decreasing either parameter may be warranted if the mower appears to be over-mowing areas

Which Landroid Is Right For Your Yard?

Aren't sure of the size of your lawn? Download the Landroid app and open the lawn size calculator. Walk the perimeter of your lawn, excluding areas you don't want Landroid to mow to discover the size of your lawn

Alternatively, give us a call.

How does a robot lawn mower improve grass health?

Robot Lawn Mowers use fine sharp blades that make a clean cut. Grass relies on sunlight to grow and traditional mowers flatten grass while mowing, blocking the sunlight.

Regular cutting self-fertilises the lawn for improved lawn health.

Wireless vs Wired?

Wired robot lawnmowers are trusted for New Zealand conditions. While they can take more planning to install, there is a lower risk of the robot mower going out of bounds, ending up on the road or drowned in a pool.

Wireless robot mowers also need perfect conditions to operate well, with no large buildings, trees or shade coverage.

What do I need to install?

Unlike other brands, the Worx Landroid comes with everything required to install the robot mowers. There are no hidden costs.